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By Ari Satriyo Wibowo

If you know exactly who you were in the past, could you control your destiny in the present life?

Since it is usually not understood, that conditions experienced at present might also be the fruits of actions done in the previous life, many people are in doubt in concern with God’s words through His messengers, because of encountering many faith doubting events, so that one might come to presume, that it is of no use to follow religion’s regulations. They see many people, who are devoted to God and doing virtuous deeds, do not get God’s reward apparently, but are on the contrary in poor condition or even worse.

To understand exactly about this matter, you must accept concept of reincarnation. God give seven chance to human to life again in Earth. It means that you could return to God without reincarnated if you are really pure heartly and have a high virtue character. Condition to return to God only if you on chastity and trust.

In fact happiness and sorrow in life are the fruit of action. By doing good deeds one will reap joy, by doing bad ones, for example making other people suffer, one will undergo sorrow or suffering. The fruit of action will be reaped during one’s life in this world and will be in proportion with the actions performed. If one’s character in his present life is of high virtue, helpful, righteous and something like that, then in his next life --- if reincarnated --- he might belong to the group of God’s agents. However,if one has now a low character --- like exploting or cheating fellow men --- in his next life he will belong to the refuse of the community and will suffer. Along the same principle people have their various occupations, for example as merchants, farmers, craftsmen and others profession, they have been attracted to by their fitting character and behaviour in their previous life.

Similar is the motivation to be born in a certain family, if not due to the same rhythm, it might be based on the kind of social relationship in the past, either to repay goodness or to take revenge for inflicted harm. For instance : a good father might have a thief as son, or the opposite a good child might be brought in the world by a bad father, both cases are based on sorrow inflicted in the past by the father to someone, who is now born as his child. But usually, the attraction to become family member, as consort or child, is founded on mutual love and mutual assistance in the past or having similar characteristics. The development of a close friendship in the present life might also have as background a relationship in the past, for example, the partner might have been a beloved souse or child, or bosom friend, who has sacrificed his life. But as Life is actually one, not devided in parts, which are hostile to each other, to eliminate the seed of enmity, in a next life the opponents might be brought closely together by becoming members of one family, in order that mutual love and unity might be established. That is in brief the explanation of a fortunate or unfortunate life as it is commonly understood. ( Source : Sasangka Jati or True Light).

When I a was a student at the Faculty of Economics of University of Airlangga majoring in management study in Surabaya on 1987 for the first time I have read a book about Past Live and Future Live (Bruce Goldberg, North Hollywood, New Castle, 1982). A new version of the book has been published on 2004 under a title : Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed.


I interested to this book because a friend of mine have been detected my past live as Admiral Nala from Majapahit Kingdom of Nusantara Indonesia on the 14th century. He was the right hand officer of Gajah Mada who was the “Maha Patih” of Majapahit Kingdom who pledged for the Unity of the Nusantara region under the famous “Sumpah Palapa.” Nala was a very aggressive admiral and success in his duty to attack with his navy battleship to conquer other countries in the region which refuse to join with Majapahit Kingdom. Even, Nala has also led an expedition to Madagaskar Island of Africa.

On 2005, I took a Past Live Regression (PLR) session in Cikini area Jakarta to make a second opinion about my past live as Admiral Nala from Majapahit. The result that my past life as Admiral Lembu Nala from Majapahit was confirm. It was true.

Another PLR session by a friend of mine also founded that I have been a French people in the past. According to him, I was Maximillien Robespierre, an influential figure of the French Revolution and the principal exponent of the Reign of Terror. But this case is not yet confirm by a second opinion session of PLR.

Born on May 6, 1758, in Arras, and educated in Paris at the College of Louis-le-Grand and at the College of Law, Robespierre became a fanatical devotee of the social theories of the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. He was elected a deputy of the Estates-General that convened in May 1789, on the eve of the French Revolution, and subsequently served in the National Constituent Assembly, where his earnest and skillful oratory soon commanded attention. In April 1790 he was elected president of the Jacobin Club and became increasingly popular as an enemy of the monarchy and as an advocate of democratic reforms. He opposed the more moderate Girondins, the dominant faction in the newly formed Legislative Assembly.

After the downfall of the monarchy in August 1792, Robespierre was elected first deputy for Paris to the National Convention, in which he urged the execution of King Louis XVI. In May 1793, Robespierre, supported by the people of Paris, forced the expulsion of the Girondins from the National Convention. In July he was elected a member of the chief executive body, the Committee of Public Safety, and in the absence of any opposition rapidly gained control of the government. France was in turmoil, and with the aim of restoring order and reducing the danger of invasion from abroad, Robespierre, backed by the committee, proceeded to eliminate all whom he considered to be enemies of the Revolution, both extremists and moderates. This policy led to the so-called Reign of Terror and to the execution, in March and April 1794, of the revolutionary leaders Jacques René Hébert. and Georges Jacques Danton. In May, at Robespierre’s insistence, the National Convention proclaimed as an official religion the cult of the Supreme Being, which was based on Rousseau’s theory of Deism. This decree antagonized both Roman Catholics and atheists, but Robespierre still had the powerful backing of the Commune of Paris, and in June he was elected president of the National Convention.

In the meantime, the Reign of Terror had intensified, and Robespierre’s increasingly aggressive speeches caused many influential members of the National Convention and of the Jacobin Club to fear for their own safety. A series of French military victories then made the extreme security measures seem less imperative, and a conspiracy was formed for the overthrow of Robespierre. On July 27, 1794, he was barred from speaking at the National Convention and was placed under arrest. An uprising in his support by soldiers of the Paris Commune was thwarted, and on July 28 Robespierre died on the guillotine with his close associates Louis Saint-Just and Georges Couthon, along with 19 other supporters. Eighty more followers of Robespierre were executed the next day.(Source : Microsoft Encarta 2005)

Oh…it was a horrible experience.


Back to the previous chapter the author of Past Lives, Future Lives book was Dr. Bruce Goldberg. He graduated Southern Connecticut State College in June, 1970 Magne Cum Laude, earning a B.A. degree in Biology and Chemistry. In 1984, Dr. Goldberg received his M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College. He retired from Dentistry in 1989 and has devoted his main focus to his hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles.

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis trained Dr. Goldberg in the techniques and clinical applications of hypnosis. This organization trains only licensed Dentists, Physicians, Psychologists and counselors in the use of hypnosis.

Dr. Goldberg practices hypnotherapy full-time. Since 1974, Dr. Goldberg has been providing hypnotherapy services and he is currently a consultant to local television and radio stations as well as newspapers, magazine, wire services and the major networks.

Dr. Goldberg no longer practices dentistry and has written many books on the clinical uses of hypnosis. In addition, his scientific articles have been published in psychological, medical, dental and hypnosis journals.

His contact address is Bruce Goldberg, Inc., 4300 Natoma Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Tel.(818) 713-8190

Here is one of the most famous future life progression (FLP) session of dr. Bruce Goldberg from California :


Nancy, a 34 year old waitress in a small Baltimore restaurant, first came to me for past-life regression. In one of her past lives she was a cleaning woman in a Madrid hotel during the 19th century. She worked very hard to put her son (her daughter in this life) through school. One night she was raped and suffered much indignation from the hotel manager (her former husband in this life). Another past-life regression revealed Nancy as a beggar in Italy during the 14th century. After a number of additional successful regressions, we discussed the idea of progression. She was very interested and I arranged to progress her into a future lifetime on her next appointment.

Nancy had no background in parapsychology. She had never read books on the topic. She had little formal education. Her interests in this field began when she saw me interviewed on television. She had been divorced for seven years and had been the victim of much harassment from her former husband, yet she was not bitter. Rather, she was always pleasant and cooperative.

On a Wednesday afternoon at the end of October, this personable young woman began her trip into the twenty-third century. Nancy entered into a hypnotic trance quickly. In a matter of minutes she was in a deep trance and ready to respond to my questions. When I instructed her, she went right into a future life, as if it were something she did every day. This is what we discovered from these taped sessions.

Dr. G : What do you see at this moment?
Nancy : I,I’m not sure. I seem to be floating. I can’t make anything out.
Dr. G : Focus on my voice. On the count of the three you will no longer be floating. One …two …three. Now can you tell me what you see?
Nancy : I’m on my way to the Ministry.
Dr. G : What Ministry is that?
Nancy : The Ministry of Peace, of course. My training is almost complete and I’m very excited about my career.
Dr. G : What year is this?
Nancy : Why it’s 2206
Dr. G : What is your name?
Nancy : Marsha
Dr. G : How long you have been with the Ministry?
Nancy : Four years. In a few months I will be given my first assignment. I’m so excited. This is what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a child.

Marsha’s voice was childlike as she described this scene. Yet her vocabulary was sophisticated and she seemed to express more emotions that she did as Nancy.

Dr. G : How old are you, Marsha?
Nancy : I’m twenty-four.
Dr. G : What nation is the Ministry of Peace associated with?
Nancy : Why, we are a member of the Western Federation of Nations. You must be new to our country.
Dr. G : How do your parents feel about your work?
Nancy : Oh, they are very proud of me. I am an only child and my parents want me to do what I want.
Dr. G : What are your parents’ names and what do they do?
Nancy : My mother’s name is Lani and she is a housewife now. She used to be an architect. My father’s name is Howard and he is a nuclear engineer.
Dr. G : Who trains you at the Ministry of Peace?
Nancy : Most of our training is done by the simulators ( a self teaching DVD). We go along with the diplomats after certain phases of our training are complete. We must first pass some rather comprehensive examinations.

In a calm, monotone voice, Nancy (Marsha) described an ultra modern city.The sidewalks moved along as if one were on a conveyor belt or an escalator that moved horizontally. Most of the building were white and very tall. The streets were immaculately clean and smooth, almost marble like. There was very little noise to distract people. The two major forms of transportation were the monorail above ground and a kind of subway. There were no car permitted inside the city limits. Thus, there was virtually no pollution and no vehicle accidents. Even the monorail, subway and moving sidewalks operated with only slightest amount of noise. It seemed that this society had conquered noise as well as air pollution.

The average life span was about 110 years. Mandatory retirement was set at age 85.

The lack of stability that I have previously alluded to during progressions was illustrated by the next conversation. Since this information was reported haphazardly and out of sequence , I have pieced together the story of this 23rd-century career woman.

Dr. G : Marsha, can you tell me more about your work?
Nancy : As I mentioned before,I work for the Ministry of Peace in the Diplomatic Core. In a view months my training will be completed and if I pass my exams, I will be given my first assignment. I am very ….

All of the sudden she stopped talking and remained motionless and relaxed in her chair.

Dr. G : Marsha, where are you now?
Nancy : I’m in the jungle. It’s so hot and humid.
Dr. G : Where is the jungle located?
Nancy : It’s in Brazul, not far from the Amazon River. I’m with the Diplomatic Corps on assignment.
Dr. G : What year is this?
Nancy : 2207

Nancy had progressed herself forward one year in time. She was sweating even though my theraphy room was about 70 degree Fahrenheit. At this time Marsha was on assignment in Brazil. It seemed that weather experiments conducted by the Western Federation accidentally had created a small earthquake which had destroyed a number of small towns in this area, and the Western Federation had sent Marsha and two other diplomats to work out the details of the financial assistance and to smooth things out politically.

Marsha didn’t know much about these experiment but it seemed that the Federation was attempting to regulate the weather through the use of high-pitched sound. Brazil was a member of the Western Federation, along with North America, the rest of South America, Central America, Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Dr. G : Marsha, can you tell me what is happening now?
Nancy :My superior is working out the details of the mission with Brazilian representative.I filming the disaster site.
Dr. G : Is this your first assignment?
Nancy : Oh, heavens no. I’ve been on six other assignments in the past nine months.
Dr. G : What is happening now?
Nancy : I seem to be …I’m at my desk writing up reports of the Brazilian catastrophe.

Apparently, Marsha departed from the jungle scene and returned to the Ministry of Peace. She had progressed herself two weeks forward in time. I next progressed Marsha forward to a scene outside of the Ministry.

Dr. G : What is the weather like outside?
Nancy : It is sunny and warm. The S.D.’s are going to have to work overtime today.
Dr. G : What are S.D.’s?
Nancy : Why, they’re solar discs, of course. It’s really quite pretty to see them move like that.

Further questioning revealed that these solar discs were large structures that slowly rotated in wide arcs. They were responsible for heating and cooling the city as well as providing other energy needs. I then progressed Marsha to her living quarters. She lived in an apartment in the city.

Dr. G : Marsha, can you describe your apartment to me?
Nancy : Well, I live on the ninth elevation. What exactly do you want to know?
Dr. G : How is your food prepared?
Nancy : My apartment is fully equipped with an omni-regulator.
Dr. G : What is an omni-regulator?
Nancy : It is a self-regulating cooking unit that prepares all forms of consumables to my pre-programmed specifications.
Dr. G : How do you communicate with other people from your apartment?
Nancy : I use my view-phone.
Dr. G : What does the view-phone do?
Nancy : It is a device that I speak into. There is a small screen attached to it that allows me to see the person calling me. We use devices of this type at the Ministry for security purposes, only those are far more complex.
Dr. G : Can you describe anything else in your apartment that operates by mechanical devices?
Nancy : The doors and windows are equipped with electronic devices that control their opening and closing. These devices are programmed to respond to certain words. By repeating these words or phrases I can open or close them without getting up.
Dr. G : Can you tell me more about your work at the Ministry?
Nancy : I am not cleared to discuss that many aspects of my position, but I will try to be as informative as possible.
Dr. G : Didn’t you say that your Ministry is part of the Western Federation of Nations?
Nancy : That’s correct.
Dr. G : What other great nations exist at this time?
Nancy : There are no great nation, just the Alliance.
Dr. G : What is the Alliance?
Nancy : The Eastern Alliance include all those countries that aren’t a member of the Western Federation of Nations.

Russia, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and some smaller islands, along with parts of Eastern Europe were included in the Eastern Alliance. Howeve, there didn’t seem to be any ill feelings between the Western Federation and the Eastern Alliance. The main differences were philosophical. There hadn’t been any wars in over 100 years. Marsha then progress to the year 2221.

Dr. G : What do you see now?
Nancy : I’m in my office. My work schedule is very congested.
Dr. G : Why is that?
Nancy : There are many problems with the Eastern Alliance.
Dr. G : What specifically is the problem?
Nancy : The Ministry received a request from India to act as an arbitrator in a local border dispute. The problem arose when the message was misplaced by one of our computer banks and no response was sent. The Indian delegation then sent a similar request to the Eastern Alliance. Last week our computer gave us the message and we immediately sent a team down to India. Now there are two groups of arbitrators, and there is no protocol to decide who should stay and who should leave.

Dr. G : Why wouldn’t Indi have gone to the Eastern Alliance first?
Nancy : India is not happy with the Alliance and has been trying to join the Federation for years.
Dr. G : What is your present position with the Ministry?
Nancy : I’m head of the Arbitration Division of Section C-311.
Dr. G : What does that entail?
Nancy : I am a supervisor over 47 arbitrators. These arbitrators handle small negotiations which I assign to them. If there are problems or if there is an unusual situation, then I might handle it myself.
Dr. G : Then, you mostly stay in the Ministry rather than being out in the field?
Nancy : That’s correct. I prefer to go out on missions every now and then as a change of pace.
Dr. G : Are you married now?
Nancy : No. I have devoted my life to the Ministry. I love my work.
Dr. G : Do you date often?
Nancy : Not yet often. I am not seeing anyone at this time but that doesn’t bother me.
Dr. G : What do you like to do when you are not working?
Nancy : I get a great deal of satisfaction from my vegetations (plants).

As I was questioning Marsha, she suddenly transported herself to a large meeting room in the Ministry of Peace. It seemed that she was going over her notes alone in this large room. This was just a few hours ahead in time from her last answer to my question concerning her outside interests. This particular hypnotic session was rather long (about an hour and a half), and the frequency of switching scenes became less of a problem during the last half hour of this trance. I began questioning her about her interest again.

Dr. G : Do you ever go to the theater?
Nancy : Yes, but not very often.
Dr. G : What plays are currently running in New York?
Nancy : New York? I don’t understand. Where is New York?
Dr. G : Isn’t there a city called New York that is known for its theater?
Nancy : Oh, you must be referring to New City. There was such a place called New York, but that city was destroyed by the great earthquake over 150 years ago. The city was completely destroyed and it took many years to rebuild it. It was renamed New City. I haven’t heard the name New York mentioned since I was in school many years ago studying history.
Dr. G : Is New City still a theater center?
Nancy : Well, not really. After it was rebuilt, if I can remember my history, theater become more universal and no single city became the permanent seat or main contributor to this field. New City functioned just like any other city.
Dr. G : Were there any other cities that were destroyed by the great earthquake?
Nancy : Yes, a number of smaller cities were also destroyed. San Francisco and Los Angeles were leveled just before New York collapsed. It seemed funny to me that both San Francisco and Los Angeles retained their names when they were rebuilt, but New York was renamed New City.

When Marsha spoke of the great earthquake, she showed complete emotional detachment. This destruction apparently had little meaning to her. What had occurred in the past was almost forgotten. The only things that seemed important to Marsha were her activities at the ministry and her vegetations.

I next progressed Marsha to the year 2235, in which she was 53 years old. She describe a very full life, being active in atletics and community affairs. She seemed to functioned like a 20th-century woman in her late twenties or early thirties. Her vegetation were still important to her. There were no wars or other catastrophies to report during the past fourteen years, and the Eastern Alliance got along famously with the Western Federation. Marsha had become head of the entire arbitration division of the Ministry of Peace, not just section C-311. It was not unusual for women to attain high governmental positions. As a result, there was apparently no feminist movement or any other kind of movement ; there simply wasn’t need. Mankind had apparently learned to live peacefully ; prejudice, jealousy, greed, hunger and fear were all but extinct. When problems did occur, they were handled quickly and efficiently.

Television, computers and other electronic marvels were commonplace. People were informed about current events constantly; sickness was a rare phenomenon. What I found most interesting was the lack of psychological problems. Citizens of the 23rd century didn’t seem to get anxious or depressed. Tranquilizer were not needed. Communication problems rarely manifested themselves. This had a direct effect on politics (making Marsha’s job much easier).

When I brought Nancy back to the present, she felt relaxed and good about her experiences. She found them difficult to accept, but gradually she admitted the possibility of a future life as Marsha.

There were a number of interesting elements in this session. First Nancy’s voice deepened and her speed slowed considerably when she spoke as Marsha. Most notably, her vocabulary increased tremendously. Nancy was shocked by the command she had of language in trance. Third, she behaved more confidently as Marsha. Marsha was very proud of her achievement and talked about little else outside of Ministry affairs. Nancy, on the other hand, never talked about her job as a waitress and spent many hours with her friends and her daughter. Nancy was married at the age of seventeen, but Marsha never married. Clearly there were great differences between Nancy and Marsha --- perhaps due in part to the improved social status of woman in this future society

Nancy’s position in society during her past lives was rather low in the socio-economic scale. As a waitress in this life she hadn’t made much progress in her station in life. By viewing her future as a successful career woman with the Ministry of Peace Nancy sensed that she not only could, but would improve her professional status. As Marsha, she accepted a very responsible position and devoted her life to the Ministry. I note how proud she acted after seeing this future life.

Karma was at work here as well. The close relationship that existed between Nancy and her daughter was exemplified during the 19th century in Madrid when Nancy worked hard as a cleaning woman to put her son (her daughter in this life) through school. In addition, the degradation showed her by the manager of this hotel in Spain (her ex-husband in her present life) carried over as harassment by him even after their divorce in this life. The lessons of a close family life were learned and as Marsha, she no longer required a close family unit to achieve her goals. Her career dominated her life in the 23rd century.***

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