Friday, December 21, 2007

The Amazon Kindle Top 5 Cool Things To Do

We are all know that the latest gadget that Amazon has recently released is it's new Kindle. A wireless electronic reader that allows you to read eBooks, blogs and news online. But there are so much more that the Kindle can do so I've created a quick list of the Top 5 fun things to do with your Kindle.

1. Take it to a Trivia Night. With instant wireless access to Wikipedia, you'll be able to get every answer correct! No more racking your brain trying to figure out the answer, you'll always have it at your fingertips.
2. Have battery life races with your friends. With the long battery life you'll be able to leave it switched on for days without recharging. See if your Kindle can outlast your friends. Or which one will recharge the fastest? The Kindle fully recharges in around two hours, so time it and see for yourself. Create a chart and time your personal best charging times.

3. Brag to your friends about reading the latest New York Times Bestseller before they do! You can download the latest bestsellers straight onto your reader in minutes. No more lining up at the bookstore overnight waiting for classics like Harry Potter to be released ever again. Just one quick download and you can be reading it before your friends even reach the cash register.

4. Bookmark your favorite part in the book for quick return later. Want to remember that awesome quote so that you can try and impress your date tonight? That's easily fixed! The bookmarking feature means that you can add notes in the margin of the book and find it again super fast.

5. Playing Scrabble with your Dad again? Then use the built-in New Oxford American dictionary so you can seamlessly look up the meanings of a word to prove they exist. Never lose another game again.

There are many more fun uses for the Amazon Kindle. Click here to view the latest reviews and get more information.

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