Sunday, March 2, 2008

Creating New Life a Little Like God

When you are sealed God gives you new life. He creates you anew as if you were a new variation of your old self. That is what scientist Craig Venter is doing--creating new species of life to solve the world's problems.

Craig Venter is known as a pioneer in human genome mapping and he is the first person to have published his own genetic code on the internet. He has also published an autobiography.

But what Craig Venter is doing now is something remarkable. He has created an organism that is basically a new species. It is a single-celled organism, certainly nothing so complex as a human.

He has not created any life forms from scratch. That is left to God to do. What he has done is created an alteration in the genetics of the organism so distinct that the resulting living creature could be considered a new and different species.

Venter and his team created a chromosome to put in the cell of an organism already living. When the cell divided, the resulting parts were a new breed, a new chemically altered life form.

And he has big dreams for what his created organisms could do for people. These organisms could be bred in great amounts and used to rid the sky of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
Other organisms could become an energy supply, heating your home and fueling your car. That would be quite an accomplishment--cleaning up pollution while giving you a renewable form of energy.

In an interview with ABC TV, Craig Venter says he envisions the ability to produce electricity and clean water with his organisms. What would you use to "fuel" the production of electricity and water? Human waste!

This could be one way the poor people of the world are lifted out of poverty. All the poor have an abundance of certain kinds of resources like human waste wherein is locked a great amount of energy waiting to be released.

Of course this all comes with a caveat. "Knowledge," Venter said in the interview, "can be dangerous in the wrong hands." Someone will always come along and pervert breakthroughs meant to benefit people.

One of the concerns with genetic mapping is health insurance. Some people have a predisposition to certain medical conditions they inherited in their genetics. If the insurance people could know a person was likely to get sick they could deny them coverage.

And many companies are now privately insuring their employees. So people could qualify or disqualify for employment according to their genetic code. Venter calls for protection against abuses like these that come with knowledge of the genetic code.

God knows what is in your genetic code. And He is willing to make you a new creature. Then you can be used for the benefit of mankind. You may not fuel their home or clean their skies but you can be a blessing to them.

When God puts the Seal on your forehead He calls you by His own Name. When God refers to you as Himself, the boundaries between you and Him are blurred. You have attributes of the Divine just by reason of association.

And you may not become a new species. But when you are sealed you will become new. And you will see yourself as a completely different person. It will not all happen overnight but you will change as years go by when you receive the Seal.

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