Friday, November 2, 2007


A meeting like this have happened previously at October28, 1908. New generation of a nation have come from various part of this archipelago islands to talk together, sit, looking face to face and making a pledge that “ We are Indonesian confess that we own one nation.”

Almost eighty years later, a new generation nowadays, even also conduct a meeting. Gathering, sit, looking face to face and promising to each other to visiting their blogs and change over links. Yes this is generation of Blogger Indonesia which have performed a meeting under a title as Party of Blogger 2007 " New Voice of Indonesia" in Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta at Saturday, October, 27 2007. The event followed by around 482 participants from entire Indonesia.
State Minister of Communications and Informatics, Mohammad Nuh have pleasured to open the event and declared that October 27 will be decided as National Day of Blogger. According to Nuh nowadays is not the epoch of banning the demarcation of writting and expression. What is needed in this time is brightening activities from Indonesian bloggers to enlightment the nation. Nowadays there are around 130.000 people in Indonesia participated as blogger.

Compared with the population of Indonesia which aroung 220 milllion that amount is tiny. So the minister hope that on the year of 2008 the amount of bloggers in Indonesia could reach one million people.

Minister promise to give his full support to every activities of Indonesian blogger. Every year his ministery office will be given Blogger Award start from the year of 2008. Mohammad Nuh also asked Indonesian bloggers to create the theme song of " New Voice of Indonesia" as bloggers " national anthem".

The discussion guided by Wimar Witoelar from Perspektif.Com. Party of Blogger 2007 for the first time are followed by various category of blogs start from online marketing & sales, current issues, technology issues, women issues, celebrity and personal blog.

Communities of blogger from various town in Indonesia such as Anginmammiri from Makasar, Angkringan and Cah Andong from Yogya, Loenpia from Semarang, BBV from Bandung, Go Ranahminang from Padang, Tukang Lenong from Jakarta, Blogfam, Communty of Moslem Bloggers , Independence, Multiply Indonesia, and IDGMAIL. Organizer of this event are Bubu.Com and of Maverick.

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