Saturday, June 16, 2007

Disasters As The Mark of The Beginning of THE REIGN OF GOD ON EARTH

By Ari Satriyo Wibowo

Kompas daily on Wednesday June 13, 2007 published news concerning disaster entitle “Bencana Landa Berbagai Negara” (Disaster Knock Over Various State).

Heatwave, landslide and floods knock over various world and killed hundreds of people. The wide-speading of disease epidemic after disaster also become attention of governments which face several disasters like India, Pakistan, Banngladesh, Australia and China.

Heatwave which attack the middle and north region of India as long as last week have killed at least 74 people. Area like Uttar Pradesh and of Rajastan is natural area of the ugly impact of dusty and hot desert wind effect.

Hottest air temperature reach 48.9 degree of Celcius happened in Gangganagar while in New Delhi the temperature is 44,9 degree of Celcius.

In the South region of Bangladesh landslide, thunder pouncing movement and floods have resulted 101 dead man.

In China reported that the victim reach 71 people and more than 640.000 people are evacuated. Hard rains fell to the region of the provinces of China like Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jianxi and of Fujian.

Later I then remembered at the revelation from God accepted by someone in Roma, Italy on September 27th, 1970 from a book entitle After Nostradamus wrote by A. Woldben and published by Granada Publisher in London on 1975, as follow :

“The fear of great and unexpected cataclysm, which will never before have been so extensive down the centuries, will mark the beginning of the Reign of God on Earth.”

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