Wednesday, June 27, 2007


By Ari Satriyo Wibowo

Situated in Gardenia Room, Grand Mahakam Hotel, Kebayoran Baru Jakarta on Tuesday, June 26, 2007, SidoMuncul a herbal medicine producer held a dialoque with Gus Dur, used to be the President of Indonesia. Others speaker are Setiawan Djody (businessman), Mohammad Sobary (writer and coloumnist), Sartono Mukadis (psycholog) and Irwan Hidayat (President Director of SidoMuncul).

The main topic of discussion is thankgoodness about life. Even live is heavily and making some people of this country hopelessly and decide to take suicide, but we must strong enough to face life distortion with manful and never give up attitude.

There are many artists and celebrities attended such as Fenny Rose as an MC, Jamaica Cafe (vocal performers), Anisha Banowati, Dony Kesume, Timbul, Roy Marten, Rieke Dyah Pitaloka, Marissa Haque, Ikang Fauzi, Ayu Azhari and dr. Lula Kamal.

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Budi said...

Ar, ada jumpa artis kok nggak undang-undang aku seh